Karan Gharbaran

OhGuy, aka Karan Gharbharan has been flying for about two years and is part of the most awesome drone racing team ever: Team SQG!

He came into the sport because he joined his cousin Dino aka GhettoDino to his first race. The moment he put the goggles on his face and experienced drone racing, he was sold. A few months later he bought his first drone and Dino taught him how to build and race. You can still see Dino’s influence in OhGuy’s drone’s and racing style. its also pretty ghetto ;).

Nonetheless, Dino’s training certainly helped him progress because now two years later he is racing in the Drone Champions League as part of Team Gemfan! Allot of our other pilots also attend international races and he believes this is part of what makes SQG so awesome.

We are a close group all brought together by this sport and our passion for racing.