SpaceDroner, the biggest leisure drone center in France

SpaceDroner, the biggest leisure drone center in France
October 28, 2017 Torvol

SpaceDroner is the biggest drones leisure center in France. Opened in 2016, SpaceDroner center is in Aucamville, close to Toulouse. Here drone pilots can set up drone races, indoor drones battles or just initiation sessions.

We perfectly know that being a drone pilot is fun and challenging, especially because of the possible obstacles such as the regulation of flights and the cost of acquisition. A passionate and professional pilot, Henri Garih decided to give birth to a center of leisure dedicated to the practice of the drone indoors.  Initiation trail, combat zone, racing circuits of drones and even more: this is what you can find at SpaceDroner.

As we just mentioned, flight regulations are strict, and it is not always easy to fly a place you can fly your drone. That’s why SpaceDroner has decided to open give pilots and beginners the opportunity to practice and challenge each other. In the Aucamville location,  you can have use 1500 m2 on the ground and 8 000 m3 overall to fly your drones.

The three main activities proposed by SpaceDroner are:

PRACTICE: an initiation course to learn the basics on how to fly your drone, or just have fun,
BATTLE: three battle zones in which you must drop the opponent’s aircraft on the ground,
RACE: a race of speed on paths marked by obstacles.

So, if you’re heading to France with your drone, think to make a small trip over there!

If you want to know more, visit their website here.

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