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Lexie has many strings to her bow. This German FPV pilot, content creator, youtuber and influencer – but most importantly pizza lover –  has a boundless energy for her small height! Handling multiple projects, she is now racing for Airspeeder in Australia: unstoppable.

A French badass living and flying drones in the Australian desert? Yes, you have probably run into her on Youtube. She started there and is now spreading her creativity and boldness to the UAV community on every platforms; follow her podcasts!

“I started my FPV journey in 2016. Love flying freestyle and cinematic and my favorite playground is flying over the water 🤩”

“I am an FPV freestyle pilot and competitive racer flying under the name KelseyFPV. I was the first and youngest female pilot to qualify for the British Championship and I find there is nothing better than putting on a headset and flying an epic location!”


Pro-active since 2013, he won multiple races at the Drone Champions League. Following closely the evolution of the drone community, he is now focusing on video creation with racing drones for weighty brands and influencers with his successful company Dutch Drone Gods.

Passionate about creating innovative content, this widely known professional racing pilot created the brand Ummagawd. With other freestyle pilots, they deliver high-quality products, videos and content for the FPV community. If you don’t know it, you are missing on something!

Coming straight from the U.S., Kevin is followed by no less than 50K fans on his Youtube channel. This drone racing pilot also known for his warm personality shares his talent through many live streams, weekly videos, also on Patreon. Support, learn and get entertained!


After a career as a creative in advertising agencies, Benoit has decided three years ago to convert his hobby into a new full-time job, dedicating his creativity to great video-making.

Professional pilot, he traveled the world for the Drone Racing League. Shaggy is a founder of Dutch Drone Gods with Vince, and is now focusing his energy into cinematography. He is the only professional racer doing cinematography full time in the Netherlands.

Freestyle pilot from Germany, he is part of the FPV community for years now! Chris is working with and sponsored by a lot of renowned brands, testing new products and features and creating content. His flying style is fast and low to the ground, but still keeping it smooth!

SirCrashaLot travelled the world racing FPV. He dabbles as track designer, occasional commentator and even more occasional content creator. He loves to optimize gear and everything around it.

Martin is a German film-maker who helped many beginners to get into his hobby with FPV tutorials. Since 2021 he mainly focuses on flying FPV drones for film production companies, image films and commercials.

Antoine is a French Professional FPV Drone Pilot living in the south of France. Since 5 years, he is passionate about video, travel, social interactions; he built a large community. Torvol products follow him everywhere.

Professional FPV pilot from northern Germany. His passion is going cinematic and freestyle with his drones, because it feels like real flying. He loves to be on the road with his gears and Torvol.


profile picture of dronemama influencer in japan

She has been on the scene for years now, and largely contributed to the empowering of the drone community in Japan. Do you need a flight seminar? She comes to you anywhere.

Better known as Sasamomo, she is a well known drone pilot but also a pro-active influencer on various platforms. Not afraid of multi tasking, she also works for Underwater.

Wednesday Tokyo Whoopers describes itself as a drone community builder. This team of racers reunites the best pilots in Tokyo; they are worth following to remain ahead on all innovations and tips within the drone community.

Asuka is one of the top FPV pilots, but also the CEO of JAM Design, a design company based in Saitama City. Master in digital content, video production, graphic design and obviously drone racing, she is a great support to Torvol.

Kiyotaka is a talented drone pilot, CEO and video producer. His hard work is paying off; his community keeps on growing but that doesn’t prevent him from supporting Torvol on a daily basis. Thank you!

Part of the WTWHIVE team, also software engineer, Madx is the kind of pilot you want at a race. He contributes to the good vibe, and is a great competitor as soon as he gets focused. If you have any doubt, check his races on Youtube!

If you follow us, you have definitely ran into its content already. Fantastic content creator, he is a professional pilot before anything else. Based in Okinawa, he flies indoor and outdoor with the same unique style.


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